New Year Message


1st January, 2020

Dear Hospital and Administrative Pharmacist,

On behalf of NEC and Council of AHAPN, I welcome you to the New Year 2020. We thank
God immensely for his mercies and benevolence to us in the past year, and most especially for
the gift of life.
Permit me to express our huge appreciations to you for the immense support we have received
from you since the inception of this administration, without which it would have been impossible
to make any headway.
You may recall that we were sworn into office in August 2018, with an 8-Point Agenda which
we believe will help reposition hospital and administrative pharmacy practice in Nigeria. The
highlights include:
➢ Adoption of pharmaceutical care as our new brand of Pharmacy Practice
➢ Encouraging specialization among our members
➢ Integration of all hospital and administrative pharmacists into one AHAPN fold
➢ Actualizing our Trade union
➢ Circularization of WAPCP fellowship
➢ Creating massive awareness for the Profession through aggressive Drug Use
Campaigns and so on
Based on the need to maintain transparency and integrity at all times, we did assure our members
of an open door policy with accountability as our watchword. We have definitely made progress
with our 8-Point Agenda; we are working hard and fast towards the institutionalization of
pharmaceutical care in our hospitals; our specialization agenda is on course and our public
enlightenment campaigns are equally on course. I wish to sincerely commend NEC members for
their understanding and huge sacrifices they have made to date in getting us to where we are
now.. Yes there are delays in actualizing our Trade Union and Consultancy circular, both of
which are lying within the domain of government, but we are not relenting.

We are in touch with government on payment of Call Duty arrears to our members; as a matter
of fact, we received firm assurances that those monies will be paid with the passage and signing
into law of the 2020 National Budget. We are convinced that anytime from now, the alerts will
start dropping. Our efforts at integrating all our members under one umbrella are also yielding
fruits as many more states have joined the AHAPN fold. Our welfare agenda is on course too.
Are we there yet? Certainly not. But have we taken off? Are we on course? I make bold to state
that Yes we are. What is left is for you and I to rally round the AHAPN leadership so that
together we can achieve the Hospital and Administrative Pharmacy Practice of our dreams. We
believe in capacity development of our members, which is one sure way to empower our
members for optimal productivity and we are seriously pursuing this. We implore you to be a
part of the numerous activities currently ongoing. We encourage you to key into our Bottom –Up
leadership style by at least joining any of the committees we have put together to encourage
grassroots participation. We will also need you to be part and parcel of our elitist programmes,
including our national conferences which have adopted scientific format full blast. Also, we are
introducing public enlightenment programmes on radio and television nationwide beginning
from this January; we encourage you to be a part of this, and not leave them for the EXCO alone.
We are collaborating with our parent body the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN),
regulatory agencies likethe Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN), NAFDAC and sister
associations like the Nigerian Association of Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Scientists in the
Americas (NAPPSA), Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria (ACPN), Nigerian
Association of Industrial Pharmacists (NAIP), Nigerian Association of Pharmacists in Academia
(NAPA) and several others to achieve our corporate goals. We are equally not at loggerheads
with government. We are ready to partner with any and all groups including the media that will
assist us to achieve our goals. We hope to meet soon with the government in pursuit of our
corporate objectives.
Before ending this letter, I implore you to support NEC further by paying your annual dues
promptly, without which not much meaningful progress can be made, since no serious minded
organization can succeed without funds. I assure you that accountability remains our watch word
and your funds are safe with us. In the words of Colin Powell “Trust is the essence of
We are fully aware of this and promise not to betray the trust you have so
preciously bestowed on us. Also, in the words of Mitt Romney “Leadership is about taking
responsibilities, not making excuses.” For us in Pharmacy, time has come for us to rise up and
take our destinies in our hands and do away with excuses, as we refocus our energies for the next
phase of our aspirations. Finally, as we march into a new decade beginning today, I wish to
challenge you and indeed all hospital and administrative pharmacists to begin to make positive
changes to our practice that will endear our patients closer to us and not wait for things to happen
and then begin murmuring. According to Dave Weinbaum “Those who let things happen
usually lose to those who make things happen.”

It is time for us to join hands and build the Hospital and Administrative Pharmacy Practice and
AHAPN of our dreams. I strongly believe that God being on our side, we will get there.

Wishing you a glorious New Year.

Thank you and God bless you.
Long live the Pharmacy Profession.
Long live AHAPN.

Dr. Kingsley Chiedu Amibor PharmD, MPH, FPCPharm
National Chairman AHAPN

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